Auxiliary tooling Equipment
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art. 500
Mod.MA Vices
art. 594b
Stub centers
art. 501
Mod HB Vices
art. 593
Visualized tracing unit
art. 506
Mod. MA and HB vice jaws
art. 600
Self-centering vice with swivel base
art. 520
Multiple gripping modular vice
art. 610
Precision Vee-blocksin hardened steel
art. 550
Self-centering vice
art. 645
Bench vices with pneumatic control
art. 560
Tiling table
art. 650 - 655
Centers for dividing heads
art. 570
Indipendent clamp
art. 665 - 660
Centers for dividing heads with adjustable bit height
art. 580
Swinging vices
art. 680
Unnotched square modular faceplate
art. 585
Universal dividing head
art. 690
Unnotched rectangular modular faceplate
art. 590
Swivel table
art. 685
Notched square modular faceplate
art. 591
Control for drilled disc table
art. 695
Notched rectangular modular faceplate
art. 592
Control for graduated drum table
art. 700
Concentricity measurement unit
art. 594a
Centers with handwheel
art. 705
Special modular chuks
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