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Book Type Squares, Type F1

Book Type Squares, Type F2


The F1 tilting table stands out for its precision and strength. It has been built for its use on machines, radial drilling machines, grinding machines, etc, and on any machine where tilted working procedures can be obtained in this way only.


Art. 207


The table is made of stabilized G 25 pearlitic iron. The locking system consist of hinges and two sectors which are also external. There is a second tightening system which also acts on the two sectors, and is used for different  positioning. The six T-shaped locking slits are ground at H7 tolerance, and perfectly parallel to the working table. One of the two sectors has 0 to 90 rating, and the vernier reading precision is of 5'. Optional accessories (upon request): lifting screw from 0 through 90.