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MS 150 Modular Vice

MS 150
Vice with Hydraulic Closing

MS 250 Modular Vice

MS 250 Vice with Hydraulic Closing


This type of vice manufactured with a high accuracy, and it is ground all over; therefore, it can be fixed on its plane, on its sides, and vertically by adding the support base (Art.403)- thickness 80 mm. The maximum working opening is 150 mm. with a clamping force of 1600 Kg. By adding the additional jaws (Art. 402) fixed to the ends of the standard jaws, the vice can reach an opening of 310 mm. with a clamping force of 1000 kg. The bedplate is in G 25 alloy pearlitic cast iron; gibs and jaws are manufactured in hardened and casehardened  steel; the screw is in bronze.

The gib has a "T" section, and it is made in the bedplate with very great precision, thus creating a fitting which considerably stiffens the vice.

With MS 150 vices it is possible to obtain modular compositions particularly suitable to NC with horizontal axis, according to customers' needs, by fitting the groups to the machine pallets.


 Art. 401

Art. 402

Art.403 Double composition

 Art. 403 Single composition
  Con la MS 150 sono possibili composizioni modulari particolarmente adatte a CN ed asse orizzontale, secondo le richieste dei clienti, adattando i gruppi ai pallets della macchina