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I.E. 300/IB200


These characteristics of the pneumatic-hydraulic unit make our models have overall dimensions exceding hand-operated vices. It is possible the universal use of either mass-produced or single pieces, the built-in screw of the hydraulic unit affording the possibility to block each work piece on manual or automatic operation. The hydraulic unit stroke is of 10 mm according to accident prevention regulations.

Upon request we can supply the electric cabinet either with manual or remote control. 

Only one pump is sufficient to operate different vices, while for interchangeable workpiece lockng we recommend a high-pressure electric cabinet. The pneumatic-hydraulic unit can be mounted by the customer himself by removing the hand-operated screw.



  Art. 109



Model Useful max opening Jaws length Jaws height Total height + rot base Total length Base width Weight+rotating base Kg Max press at 6 Atm
I.E.300 310 190 59 155+41 890 242 65+13 Kg.5.800
I.E. 200 210 145 48 130+38 700 198 40+8 Kg.3.800