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Self-Centering Precision Vice

Self-Centering Vice With Vee-Jaws


This vice is totally made of surface hardened steel, and clamping is performed by means of a trapezoidal screw. It features outstanding precision, a quality which has been especially cared for to achieve repeatability of clamping phases in the vice opening field.

It has been manufactured  following  a new technique that makes it completely sealed, in order to protect the sliding tracks and the clamping screw against the chip impurities during the processiong phases. It can be used in the three orthogonal positions, with 1000 kg clamping  power, and can be equipped , upon  request, with a range of interchangeable prismatic jaws for clamping of round pieces, as described hereafter:


   Art. 205



20 30 40 55
min. 5 14 19 35
max. 20 30 40 55



The high precision and outstanding flexibility make it particulary suited for use with numeric control machine tools.



Art. 206


Article Dimensions Weight
Stationary Jaws
Length Width Height Dimensions Opening
Length Height Min. Max
self centering precision vice 335 124 130 28 105 45 90 130