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Tridimensional Joint

All-Purpose Joint


A basic requirement of swinging square positioning is to assure the steady perfect cleanliness of hinges, thus guaranteeing a steady accuracy. The RC tridimensional swinging square positioning solves this possible problem  by virtue of a spring system. Even on loosen locking, it ensures friction of positioned parts avoiding the interposition  parts avoiding the interposition of machining tails and making an easier control for inclination determination possible. By virtue of its strength, it can be fitted and used on any type of machine, such as grinding machines, pantographs, milling machines, drilling machines, etc...

Very important possibilities are angular displacement with 1 reading per division. A further characteristics of this tool is that all indexed parts are chrome-plated, which prevents oxidations.



     Art. 210       


Bed plate and vice bearing body made of cast iron; intermediate parts of joint made of steel. Rotation of vice on support of 360 - all remaining movements exceed 90. Vice built with cast iron body; jaws and gib are of hardened casehardened steel. Its major parts are fully ground. On the bed plate a key is fixed as reference for the parallelism between machine and vice, when divisions are on 0 position.